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Studio 2 Digital Dental Design Formed to Bring Unmatched Technology and Talent to Dental Community

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., December 2, 2009 – Recognizing the need for faster service, higher quality and greater patient satisfaction, competing companies Breton Dental Studio, Inc. and C&C Dental Ceramics have merged to form Studio 2 Digital Dental Design, Inc. located in Kentwood, Mich.  Studio 2 features advanced technology found in just a handful of dental labs across the country.

“Through our combined resources, we have added industry leading technology to complement our skilled artisans in creating vibrant, natural restorations,” said Randy Richter, principal, Studio 2. ”With both the computer design and creative talent of our team, we can support the demands of the most discerning dental professionals anywhere in the United States.”

Within the dental community, the new lab means better initial fit, less time in the chair and virtually no patient returns.  For the consumer, dentists can deliver high-quality restorations in a full range of mediums from porcelain laminates to new innovations such as ceramic steel.  Technology-rich services include:

  • Studio 2 All Ceramic Restoration Process– Optimizes fits for crowns and bridges through precise CAD/CAM milling
  • Studio 2 Bio Fit Implants – Uses latest technology for custom implants
  • Digital Modeling – Eliminates messy materials, increases prosthetic performance and facilitates quicker turnaround
  • Emax System – Provides the highest strength restorations with optimal aesthetics
  • inVision – Creates non-metal strength
  • NobelGuide™ – CT-based 3D diagnostics

Studio 2 will continue providing the best dental design technicians through its Studio 2 Dental Artisan training program. This unique on-the-job curriculum elevates the knowledge and skills of technicians to assure craftsman quality in all areas of expertise from bridges to cosmetic veneers to non-metal restorations.  In addition, Studio 2 is broadening its education focus to include dentists and other oral health professionals.

“Studio 2 is developing a series of courses designed to keep Western Michigan dentists updated on the latest prosthetic procedures and materials,” said Mike Seward, principal at Studio 2.  “We’ve secured top industry speakers and sponsors to deliver the best programs possible. Registration information will be available soon.”

Richter and Mike Seward started Breton Dental Studio 30 years ago. They have teamed with brothers Chip and Chuck Newberg, founders of C&C Dental Ceramics. Both companies bring solid reputations and a combined 60 years experience providing top quality crowns and bridges, while incorporating the latest techniques and materials.

About Studio 2

Studio 2 Digital Dental Design serves the dental community nationwide from its studio in Kentwood, Mich. The firm employs 13 skilled artisans and technologists who provide crowns, bridges, cosmetic veneers, inlays, onlays, custom implant abutments and screw-retained bridges.

In addition, Studio 2 features Cerec InLab, Procera and Lava restorations as well as metal-free restorations, custom shading, dental tattoos and grills by special consultation. The company’s principals are Chip Newberg, Chuck Newberg, Randy Richter and Mike Seward. Visit www.studio2dental.com.