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Advanced Techniques

Studio 2 Dental is continuously developing, adopting and implementing new techniques in restorative technology. We were the first lab in the Michigan with CAD/CAM capabilities and are the most advanced in implantology experience and techniques.

Titanium: The technicians at Studio 2 Dental can expertly scan and mill a rock-hard titanium framework, providing the strongest PFMs on the market. Layered with porcelain, it provides superior strength and a life-like restoration. Plus, titanium is biocompatible and radiolucent.

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Solid Zirconia: Solid zirconia offers a fully contoured crown or bridge restoration with no porcelain overlay. We mill it from the highest translucent blocks available to provide optimal aesthetics. Use solid zirconia in place of metal occlusal PFMs and full-cast metal restorations. Virtually chip-proof, solid zirconia crowns and bridges are ideal for bruxer and grinder restoration.

Solid zirconia rates 850 MPa, making it ideally suited for posterior crowns and bridges, which demand the strongest possible materials. In addition, Studio 2 Dental can stain-match any solid zirconia restoration.

Cerec Connect provides Studio 2 Dental the capability to digitally connect to Cerec offices via the Internet and transfer digital impressions for fabrication of any restoration.

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