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Crowns & Bridges

Studio 2 Dental technicians mill only the finest zirconia materials from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We handcraft crowns in porcelain, ceramic, titanium and gold, depending on the esthetic, strength, durability and space demands of your patients.

And with our CAD/CAM capabilities, we can take your digital models and expertly mill restorations within a few days of receiving your case.

Porcelain Fused to Metal: Handcrafted with the goal to “seat” with little or no chair side adjustments. Studio 2 Dental technicians layer porcelain on a metal framework constructed out of your choice of High Nobel, semi-precious or base metal alloys.  Now, titanium alloy is available, too.

Extras include cast post cores, porcelain butt shoulders, metal occlusions and attachments.

Full Cast Crowns: The standard for long-term, durable posterior crowns.

Diagnostic Wax-ups: The key tool to a successful smile makeover. You provide the preoperative model and Studio 2 Dental takes a portion of the tooth structure to mimic the prepped surface. Next, we layer white wax to craft an accurate preview of the finished restoration. Studio 2 Dental uses diagnostic wax ups for crowns and bridges, veneers and implants.

Custom Shade Consult: Another vital tool in smile restoration. Our highly qualified ceramists meet with your patients to precisely map the shade of existing teeth.

All Ceramics

IPS e.max® CAD-Lithium Disilicate: Delivers the toughness and esthetics your patients demand.  Our technicians refine IPS e.Max CAD with a Sirona MC-XL milling machine.

IPS e.max® Press: Provides pleasing esthetics and unmatched strength for use anywhere in the mouth.

Zirconia: Studio 2 Dental scans stabilized zirconia frameworks and mills them using the Sirona milling machine. The next step is to layer the framework with porcelain for a beautiful, long-lasting all-ceramic restoration.