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Sirona Connect


Join Studio 2 in the world of Digital Dentistry

Our main goal at Studio 2 is to get you the best fitting restoration in the shortest amount of time to keep your patients satisfied. Sirona Connect takes this to the next level. Pairing the most accurate scans and direct connect, we will keep your patients coming back time and time again.


The quality of the digital impression has a decisive impact on the restoration outcome. CEREC Omnicam as well as CEREC Bluecam and APOLLO DI deliver precise images and an unprecedented degree of measurement precision.*

* Result of a study by Prof. Dr. Mehl (Zurich University, 2008): Accuracy of depth measurement: 19 µm with CEREC Bluecam.

Ease of use

Prepare, capture, send – digital impression-taking is simple and easy to integrate into your practice workflow. The design and fabrication of the restoration are performed by Studio 2.

Digital impressions significantly reduce your input of time and effort. Only a few exposures are required in order to capture the preparation, the adjacent teeth and the antagonists. You can capture an entire half arch in less than a minute, while maintaining a comfortable treatment position. A further labor-saving feature is the 3D preview.

Direct communication

The Sirona Connect software and the Sirona Connect portal simplify collaboration between your office and Studio 2. With a quick sign up on Sirona-connect.com, the data model is transmitted in just a few minutes and gives Studio 2 a detailed insight into the treatment situation.

Thanks to the precise digital impressions acquired from the patient’s mouth and the rapid 1:1 transmission of the model data, our technician can assess the treatment situation almost immediately. This means that the dentist and the dental technician can discuss important details while the patient is still in the treatment room. This is a further advantage compared with conventional impression-taking procedures.

Endless Material Choices

Weather a single unit inlay or a large span bridge, Studio 2 can customize the best restoration for your patient. We offer IPS e.max materials, Bruxzir solid Zirconia, YZ Invision, even gold. Yes, gold. We are also able to have models printed to make bridge work impression free!