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Why Studio 2

Dental professionals who choose Studio 2 Dental can expect …

  • Better fitting prosthetics, fewer return patient visits
  • Less chair time per patient, more patients seen
  • Higher patient satisfaction, more patient referrals
  • The latest dental technology, increased revenue opportunities
  • Guaranteed turn-around times for any case
  • Skilled workmanship backed by a quality guarantee

The team at Studio 2 Dental relentlessly pursues unmatched customer service, industry-leading innovation and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

That quality emerges in the prosthetics produced by the skilled hands of certified artisans and technicians using the latest advances in dental technology.

Studio 2 Dental handcrafts and machines all of its dental prosthetics in its state-of-the-art lab using the finest FHA-approved materials and ships to dentists throughout the United States.